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Wthrly is owned by designers and developers who have loads of experience building apps and useful things businesses need. We've also been involved in digital around the travel and tourism industry since the early 2000's, working for LastMinute.com, VisitBritain, Madame Tussauds, BBC, Abercrombie & Kent among others.

No, we do not host any personal or location based details on our servers, nor do we use any data for marketing purposes.

No. Definitely not. We can't be clearer than that.

We get the weather data from the same sources most of the popular weather channels use, like Yahoo!, BBC and many others. For mountain data, where available, we get snow depth, new snow and lift open percentages direct from the lift and valley staff operating within the resorts. Beach and wave specific data comes from sources close to the locations themselves. We've even enabled some clients to override weather data themselves - local managers with Admin access can override things like wind speed, snow depth or beach conditions.

Your weather app can list all your locations and sub locations (like resorts/chalets, or resorts/hotels) - users can select their favourite. You can send messages based on these options. Users can change their preferences at any time.

We design, build, test and publish an app for you in iTunes and Google Play - so your app matches your 'design' including your logo, colours, images and fonts.

We build your app for your audience. Our weather feeds include just about every weather stat available - so tell us what you want and we'll include it! If you have specific feeds you want included, we can do that too.

If weather is an important factor for your members (for Golf, Sailing, Surfing for instance) this is an ideal way to engage and add value to your membership. And you can use it to message your members direct. Different member levels, different teams etc can receive messages specific to them. Talk to us!

We usually take around 1 week to get the design and layout sorted, a week or two to build and test your app. We then ask you to test this. Once approved Apple take a few days to approve your app for distribution on iTunes. We will then build your Android app version in about a week.

You cannot build an app that will automate this. So your own beautifully designed weather app in iTunes is built by several real humans! We build in native code - meaning we actually write the code. It takes quite a few days to get everything sorted. It would cost much more to ask an app developer to build your own app from scratch!

We love to help you make your app successful, it means you will keep using it! Check out our Help pages to ensure you get the most from your app - or just ask us for advice!

There's lots of options included in your app, like exactly which weather data you want to show - but we can also include additional features and content not in the default app coding. Just let us know what you want and we'll plan and cost it for inclusion. We build apps for other people too so we're used to adapting and adding features.

We have built in a system to enable local admins to override the weather and make a daily comment.

It is an entry level version of the full app, branded just for you with the weather at your location. There are no messaging with image and text functions or metrics, but you can still send push notifications. Check out our pricing for a full list of available features.

We've built this so you can upgrade at any time - without the need for a new app version to be approved by iTunes. Just email your usual Wthrly contact who will sort it for you.

We've buit a special web application that makes both versions (IOS and Android) automatically. It's not quite fully automatic but it takes a lot of the work our coding humans need to do, but it has limits with regard to features and flexibility. It is designed to provide you with some of the full functions at an entry level cost - once you have seen the benefits of having your own branded app we hope you will upgrade to the Full version. The Single version also only works for a single location.