How can we help you get the most from your app?

You will receive some code which will place app badges and link direct to iTunes and Google Play. Please put this code on all relevant pages, but particularly your home page, news page, offers pages - anywhere regular or new visitors might go. If possible make sure the badge is placed 'above the fold' and not hidden at the bottom of your pages. There's some guidance for using the iTunes badge here and Google Play here. The badges looks like this:-


Wthrly App Store Badge



Wthrly Google Play Store Badge


Use your website, Facebook & Twitter pages to promote your app - don't just add a badge and expect people do download it. Show them what the benefits are;-


Clu Vass Promo

Most definitely in your emails. You can add to your signature in your regular one to one emails, but also to your booking confirmation emails and any email communications you send - you can use the same code as the website. You could use this to encourage downloads by using a call to action 'Download our app for exclusive content and offers!'.

If you need help creating your email templates including your app badge, just ask!

Definitely use your new app as an opportunity to talk to your existing clients or members. Tell them about it with an email blast, add some news about it to your website and talk about it in your social media channels. Share the love!

This very much depends on your business model, why you are using the app, what benefits there are for you and your audience. Certainly keep the channel active, but don't message everyone all the time as you will alienate your audience. Use this unique channel to offer something different and relevant.

That's completely up to you. But there's nothing like great images to enhance a message. You can send news type images, image of the day or you can even create an invitation or voucher (ask your designers to send you it by email, even ask us if you need help)- so long as it's in your photos you can use it!

Use your Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and LinkedIn channels to talk about your app and encourage downloads. And remember to include the social links in your messages so your users can easily share them too! It's an option when you set them up to go.

User metrics are available to all Wthrly Full versions. You can see User engagement in real time, including new downloads, active/inactive comparison and user locations by country. In the Wthrly App, navigate to the messages view and tap the metrics icon top left.

Please provide images 2208 pixels high by 1536 pixels wide. This size optimises them across all Apple products.